Travel Guide to Visiting Greece

Favorite Greek islands, handpicked hotels, and must-do tips along the way
Suzie Palma
Let's Jetty Co-Founder

Greece—a place where history meets heavenly islands and every corner lends itself to an exhaled, "wow."

This traveler's guide is your backstage pass to some of our favorite Greek islands, the dreamiest hotels that had us swooning, and all the juicy tips we've picked up along the way. Picture this: from Athens' ancient vibes to the turquoise waters of Milos and Paros, we've got your Greek adventure sorted!

guide to visit greece travel itinerary
Schedule a guided walking tour of the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens but keep it under two hours! You can book a tour in advance through TripAdvisor.


Flight to Athens via Emirates, Our rating 5/5:

Emirates is so comfy and accommodating, even in economy. Super clean, big bathrooms, unlimited alcohol, too much food, and a great entertainment system to keep you busy for 10 hours.

Seajet champion jet 1 ferry from Athens to Milos, 3.25 hours, Our rating 5/5:

BEAUTIFUL, clean, and you must eat their spanakopita!

Seajet 2 ferry from Milos to Paros, 1.5 hours, Our rating 3/5:

This is your basic commuter ferry. It's small but does it's job.

Bluestar Naxos ferry from Paros to Athens, 4 hours, Our rating 2/5:

This boat was massive & felt like a dated cruise. It was crowded. If you have to take this ferry make sure you splurge for the assigned seats.

Places to Stay:

Milos Breeze, Milos Island:

Our rating 4.8/5

Absolutely gorgeous with stunning views and quiet... it was honestly so quiet compared to Athens that I thought we were at the White Lotus (netflix). Breakfast was included and made to order.. it was BOMB. The bartender was awesome, but again its quiet and more for the relaxed vibe. Good honeymoon spot. Dinner food was meh 3/5.

Brown Acropol, Athens:

Our rating 4.5/5

Great location, was walking distance to all the tourist sites without being stuck in the middle of it. Comfy rooms with a retro vibe and fun rooftop bar with hot tubs & a view of the acropolis.

Paros Palace, Paros Island:

Our rating: 4.2/5

Location was a 2 minute drive to Parika but they also have a free shuttle if you don't rent a car. Room was beautiful and we had a large balcony with a private hot tub. Breakfast was buffet style but it was good! and room service was tasty but we didnt spend much time at the hotel here.

Home & Poetry, Plaka, Athens:

Our rating 4.1/5

We booked our last hotel the night before because we weren't sure where to stay.. and I'm glad we did because we loved Athens so much that we wanted to get a final hit of it and stayed right in Plaka! This is a cute hotel thats super clean and renovated. The owners are really friendly and give you a free bottle of wine, and had the best view of the acropolis from their rooftop! It doesn't amenities though, more of a city stay right in the thick of town. It was a perfect last stop!

Bucket List Things to Do:

Cliff jumping at Sarakiniko Beach, Milos: 

One of the most surreal landscapes we've ever seen. It really feels like you're on the moon! Just don't forget to leave your belongings with a friend before you jump. Trust us.. they will get lost in the water 😂.

Parikia, Paros: 

Get lost in the quintessential, picturesque white alleyways filled with cute shops and great food. There's also a fun nightlife in the town and just all around good vibes from the locals.

Monastiri beach, Paros Island: 

Visit the beach club for relaxation, swimming, good food, and a stiff drink. I could spend all day here!

Acropolis.. duh, you just have to

Boat day & snorkeling on any of the islands:

We did this is Paros & saw crystal clear, turquoise water. The water was too cold for my taste but everyone else was brave enough to dive in!

Ancient Marble Quarries, Paros Island: 

If you go here, make sure you visit the friendly marble smith who lives there! He's a wholesome soul and you'll make your way through conversation with charades. We bought some of his marble creations as keepsakes.

Cliff jumping at Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece
Cliff jumping at Sarakiniko Beach on Milos Island in Greece

Could have skipped:

Booking a 4 hour tour of the acropolis & acropolis museum. You do not need that much time lol find a 2 hour tour instead ... thats the only skip!

Travel Tips:

Download the Free Now app for the most legit taxi prices - basically greece's version of Uber.

Book your ferry in advance, it's just easier. Try to get there 30 minutes early, the boat leaves on the dot so if you're not onboard you'll be out of luck. They do leave your suitcases in the garage so if you're nervous about theft, bring your carryon in the cabin. We didn't have any problems!

Don't drive stick? Learn, or bring someone who knows! It will save you a ton of money and automatic rentals are hard to come by especially in the high season.

Talk to the locals!! This is a given for any destination you travel to but it's often one that's overlooked. Everyone in Greece was friendly and welcoming, and they truly wanted you to have the best time. Meeting the locals is the best way to learn more about the Greek culture. You might even get some homemade tsipouro!

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