Date Coordination 101

Tips for Balancing Everyone's Busy Schedules
Wendy Diep
Let's Jetty Co-Founder

Tasked with trip planning for your group’s annual getaway? And overwhelmed by the challenge of figuring out dates with everyone’s schedules? We get it; whether it’s a ski trip, a beach getaway, or road trip, coordinating dates for a group excursion can be tricky. However, a bit of strategic group travel planning and open communication can make it significantly smoother. Here are some tips to help you navigate conflicting schedules and find the perfect dates for your next group adventure.

1. Identify Your Priorities

First things first, establish your priorities as the organizer. Remember, organizing a group trip is a lot of work, so it’s okay to balance what’s best for the crew with what also makes your life easier, or even what you want. Is it most important to you to have the entire crew on board, or are specific dates more important due to the nature of the trip? And consider factors that are impacted by dates such as distance/ease to travel, costs, or weather conditions. 

2. Cast a Wide Net

If your goal is to enable as many people to go as possible, cast a wide net by suggesting a broad range of dates. For instance, for a weekend winter getaway,  list out all weekends from January to March. Ask your crew to highlight the dates that don't work for them. This process quickly narrows down options, making it easier to find dates that suit the majority.

3. Leverage Technology with Polls

Use online polls or surveys.  If time is of the essence, create a poll and have everyone vote for their preferred dates. The dates with the most votes become the chosen ones. Remember, not everyone will be able to make it, and that's okay—prioritize the preferences of the majority.

4. Let External Factors Decide

Consider external factors that could influence your decision. Whether it's selecting the most budget-friendly dates for accommodation or choosing the optimal weather conditions for your planned activities, let these factors guide you. Present the options to the group, set a commitment deadline, and move forward with planning.

5. Set Clear Deadlines 

Time is of the essence when planning a group trip. Set clear deadlines for responses and commitments. If you're using a poll or asking for availability, communicate a deadline by which everyone needs to respond. Let’s Jetty’s trip invitation feature comes with the ability to attach surveys and set a response deadline. Don't let indecision or delayed responses stall your planning process.

In the end, remember that perfection is not always possible. You won't get everyone to attend every event, and that's perfectly fine. By implementing these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to finding dates that work for the majority, making your group trip planning a breeze.

Happy travels!

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