Planning a Group Trip? Here are 12 Questions to Ask Your Group Before Itinerary Planning

Discover the key questions to ask when planning your next group trip to ensure smooth communication and set expectations upfront.
Suzie Palma
Co-Founder @ Let's Jetty

Planning a group trip can be an exhilarating experience, full of excitement for the adventures ahead but it also comes with its share of stress as you try to wrangle a group and manage expectations. Whether you're organizing a getaway with friends, planning a bachelorette trip, or hosting a community trip, ensuring everyone's preferences, needs, and expectations are considered can make all the difference between a smooth journey and a chaotic one.

Here are 12 essential questions to plug into your Trip Survey on Let's Jetty so you can gather travel preferences before setting the itinerary.

  1. Where would you like to go, or what type of destination are you most interested in visiting? (Beach, mountains, city, etc.): Pinning down the destination is the cornerstone of trip planning. Understanding everyone's dream destination – whether it's the serene beaches of Bali or the bustling streets of Tokyo – lays the foundation for a trip everyone can look forward to.
  2. What is your preferred budget range for this trip?: Money matters, and discussing budget constraints upfront helps avoid any awkward financial situations down the road. Be transparent about your budget range and encourage others to do the same to ensure the trip remains within everyone's means.
  3. Are there any specific dates you're available or unavailable for the trip?: Coordinating schedules can be challenging, but finding a window of opportunity that works for everyone is crucial. Discussing preferred travel dates early on allows for better planning and avoids last-minute conflicts.
  4. What activities or attractions are must-dos for you on this trip?: Every traveler has their own bucket list of must-see attractions and experiences. By sharing your top activities and interests – whether it's hiking through national parks or sampling local cuisine – you can tailor the itinerary to accommodate everyone's desires.
  5. What type of accommodation do you prefer? (Hotel, hostel, vacation rental, etc.): From luxury resorts to cozy VRBO rentals, accommodation preferences vary widely among travelers. By discussing preferred lodging options upfront, you can find accommodations that cater to everyone's comfort level and budget.
  6. Are you open to sharing a room or a bed? Sharing accommodations can foster deeper connections and help minimize costs but not everyone is comfortable sharing their space. It's important to understand the comfort levels of everyone in your group to ensure the best experience.
  7. How do you prefer to travel when we get to the destination ? (Car rental, rideshare, train, bus, etc.): How you travel around the destination matters. Whether you're renting a car or traveling by train, knowing everyone's transportation preferences can help set expectations before you get there.
  8. How flexible are you with the itinerary and plans during the trip?: While having a solid itinerary is essential, flexibility is equally important when it comes to group travel. Discussing everyone's flexibility and willingness to adapt to unexpected changes ensures a stress-free and enjoyable trip for all.
  9. How do you prefer to make group decisions during the trip? (Consensus, designated leader, voting, etc.): Establishing a decision-making process upfront helps streamline group dynamics and prevents any potential conflicts during the trip.
  10. How do you prefer to split the costs of dinners and groceries? (evenly, individually, etc.): Cost splitting can be a cause of friction during a trip. Gathering everyone's expectation on splitting food costs is important to understand before you head out for dinner.
  11. What do you like to do during your free time on trips? (Exploring independently, relaxing at the accommodation, group activities, etc.): While having a packed itinerary is exciting, leaving room for spontaneity and free time activities ensures everyone has the freedom to explore and unwind at their own pace.
  12. Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions?: Ensure you're considering everyone's food allergies and dietary restrictions before planning restaurants and setting the grocery list.

Planning a group trip requires careful consideration and open communication. By asking these essential questions upfront, you can ensure a smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable travel experience for everyone involved. So gather your travel crew and start the conversation in Let's Jetty!

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