Deluxe Personalized Bachelorette Itinerary (Pick Your City)

$ 100.00 USD
Get a custom, personalized itinerary for your bachelorette trip based on your travel dates, size of group, and preferences for budget, travel style, vibes, etc.

Get recommendations your group will love. We know planning weekend itineraries for bachelorettes takes a ton of time. Figuring out where to stay, where to go, what to do, and building a flawless itinerary? Who has the time? 

Let us do it for you! Each personalized itinerary is a day by day itinerary of events crafted to your group’s likes, travel styles, and preferences for the weekend. Are most of you the type to see and do as much as possible, not wasting a minute? We’ll do that. Or would you rather ensure you have down time baked in? No problem. 

Only want restaurant recommendations that take reservations and accommodate your party size? Let us do that for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best places to party, or envisioning a more peaceful and relaxing spa weekend, we got you covered. Your itinerary will include a day by day itinerary of events, and alternative recommendations in case you want to edit a bit. 

How This Works: 

  • After purchase, we’ll send you an email with a survey that allows you to tell us all about your travel preferences. 
  • In 1-3 Days post-survey submission, we’ll create a trip itinerary, and invite you to the trip on Let’s Jetty. You’ll be able to edit the itinerary as you see necessary. 
  • Every recommendation will include links to websites for bookings, & any other relevant notes. 
  • Every personalized itinerary will have recommended places to stay, things to do (eat/drink, sightsee, etc) as well as alternative suggestions in case you’d like to edit 

What’s Included: 

  • Weekend Trip Itinerary planned Day by Day 
  • Up to 4 Day Trips, we’ll include alternative recommendations as well 
  • Applicable Links for bookings, websites, other details 
  • Your itinerary will be uploaded to Let’s Jetty where you can share it with your whole group

This is a final sale item and cannot be returned. Each purchase directly supports new feature builds on the Let's Jetty App.

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